Requirements for ordering from an overseas factory that you can’t see

Requirements for ordering from an overseas factory

A company name Zega apparel , came up with a solution to ease the International Apparel Order execution system. They are currently operating in Canada, taking orders worldwide , that are manufactured from Pakistan.

For many apparel companies, the task of ordering from an overseas factory can be daunting because of the traditional view of the manufacturing conditions in the developing countries and if that’s not the case then the companies might find it difficult to understand all the associated apparel international rules and requirement of the overseas factory.

The things that a company must acquire is the understanding of the overseas’ country specific regulations and requirements are the apparel laws of the country on shipping, its shipping cost and exporting, the minimum order quantity, and timing of order completion, etc. When a US apparel company ships garments from Los Angeles to Topeka, there is only a single shipping rate. But sending the same garments across a border then an entire new set of taxes and duties apply. Understanding the entire cost of transporting an order internationally is called the ‘landed cost’ and it is important that companies understand this cost before placing an order.

Imagine what a company will do if there is a $20 duty added to a piece when it arrives at their destination. They might refuse the shipment, and the retailer or manufacturing company will have both lost the sales and the cost of freight. So, it is better to have all the knowledge of overseas country and company’s specific regulations and requirements before placing an order. Mostly, major carriers like FedEx, USPS and USP offer tools or application programming interfaces (APIs) which helps in calculating the integrate shipping tools and landed cost into an importer’s ecommerce platform.

Companies can also use fulfillment services to take the headache out of international shipping; like fulfillment by Shipwire or Amazon or any others reliable service to manage international orders. In most overseas cases, the store or brand will pay a flat fee per order and the fulfillment service will manage labeling, packing, shipping, and monitor all of these rules and regulations of international trade.

There are three most importing things apparel companies should consider before placing an order in an overseas apparel factory. The wholesale cost is the collective total for getting the item to your country which is ready to be shipped to the consumers. The company may be paying 50 cents per item, but after paying a customs broker, various fees, import duties, consolidation, freight, and insurance expenses, the actual cost of goods may be 2.25 dollars each.

The company may have to allow significant lead time when placing an overseas order. Sometimes, it can take two to three months or even longer, from the time the order is place to the time the goods are received. Difficulties with customs can delay the orders even further. The air freight costs are probably ten times higher than the shipping costs but it is less risky and faster.

The apparel companies need to look at the legal aspects. There are also some governmental forms to fill out and many regulations which are different for each country. The company is also responsible for confirming that what they are importing into their country obeys with safety codes and all other applicable laws.

This is just one example of the dozens of country-specific regulations that can make international apparel manufacturing seem complicated. But, with the advent of Internet and Ecommerce many apparel factories in the countries like China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and India has built up a thorough communication channel that allows clients, brands and apparel companies worldwide to order. With a good understanding of the apparel manufacturing business, factories can built a good online reputation and communicate with foreign companies with ease.

After understanding the rules and regulations of ordering from an overseas factory, it will be a good idea to learn about international ecommerce by targeting foreign apparel companies and improve their global communication system.

The days are part of the past where a person has to own a whole factory for running an apparel brand. Today, the only need for a successful apparel brand is a good company to outsource. Most manufacturers overseas have their well-organized management with their own way of dealing with things and the only thing they need is good communication with the apparel brand situated miles away. With modern communication methods like custom high definition pictures, video calls, and other new methods, through which the brand can make sure that their products are being produced just the way they ordered it. This saves the shipping fees and many other sorts of payments. Apparel manufacturing companies like Zega Apparel, Stylus Apparel and Vapor Apparel provides various customization options to clothing companies worldwide and through their sound communication system they can provide the best quality customize products to their clients according to their requirements by following strict guidelines given by the company or brand.

Companies like Stylus, Zega Apparel, and Factory45 uses tools of quick communication with latest communication application, like Whatsapp, Viber and Skype, their clients are always connected to their relationship managing team. Similarly, live broadcast of the production is sent to the clients so that they can be aware of how their garments are being made.

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