Ordering Quantity of Lower than 100 per design, Contact Zega Apparel

Ordering Quantity of Lower than 100 per design, Contact Zega Apparel


When ordering apparel products to a manufacturer, generally there is a minimum order quantity (MOQ) which relates to the minimum quantity an independent designer or brand needs to place an order with the manufacturing company. Minimum order quantity is a term used for the lowest number of items that an apparel manufacturing company would take an order for. The Minimum order quantity (MOQ) varies, depending on the manufacturing company policy.

Generally, there are two types of apparel manufacturing companies based on order quantity:

  1. Large quantity manufacturers generally take orders which are over thousand pieces per design.
  2. Small quantity manufacturers whose minimum quantity orders are between 20-50 pieces per design.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirements can be an uncertain block for many new brands or companies. It is not unusual for an apparel manufacturing company to require an order of 1000 pieces per design. When new designers or companies have limited funds assigned for manufacture and production of the clothes, or they simply want to play safe by starting with a small quantity order to test run the quality before investing a larger sum in a manufacturing company because they are working together for the first time, it is sometimes necessary for companies to find ways around minimum order quantities.

This is the reason why small manufacturing companies like Zega Apparel and Stylus Apparel are one of the greatest in providing apparel companies or brands small quantities from 30 to 50 pieces per design in four days’ time according to the requirement of the brand or company and following the exact quality and quantity guidelines to deliver quality products.

Zega Apparel which is manufacturing cut and sew apparel is based out of Mississauga Ontario Canada, but produces goods from the South Asian country Pakistan. It provides the service of smaller minimums orders between 30 to 50 pieces per design to apparel companies and brands all over the world.

The independent new designers or apparel companies do not have to place huge orders if they are doubtful and unsure about the outcome of their product, they can place as low as 30 pieces for ordering from Zega Apparel. But if the company orders high quantities it gives advantages in the form of cost reduction. Zega Apparel offers all kinds of services to satisfy their client companies with latest communication application, like VIBER and WHATSAPP, apparel brands or companies can always connected to the Relationship Manager of Zega Apparel.  It is the core policy of Zega Apparel that the customers should always be aware of how the garments are being made, so they also give to their customers live broadcasts of production.

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