How to locate High-Quality Clothing Manufacturers in 2021 (+ listing of 8 makers to get you started!)

Whether you would like to be the upcoming big fashion entrepreneur, or you, need to sell everyday clothes items on the web, finding the ideal manufacturer is important to your success.

The clothing industry is extremely competitive and dominated by leading brands with large budgets, celebrity endorsements, and decades of experience.

However, the development of e-commerce and boutique clothing lines has seen many aspiring fashion marketers find success online – and there is no reason you can’t do the same.

If you’re reading this, your clothes business idea is probably already well developed. You’ve got a market in mind and, possibly, some clothes, designs, or thoughts for the clothing items you’d like to market.

But you are not sure where to start – or who to trust to receive your clothing fabricated.


There Are Lots of reasons for it:

  • This means executing on your thoughts, which is scary.
  • It entails placing your trust in the unknown (a producer)
  • This means investing money to Receive Your Company off the floor.

I want to assure you that finding a clothing manufacturer doesn’t have to be difficult or frightening. In reality, I’ll discuss some great clothes manufacturers with you in this article.

I understand why this part of your business journey can appear daunting, but let me guide you through finding quality garments manufacturers so you may take your ideas and make them your reality.


Clothing Manufacturers: Getting Started

When launching a clothing company, the first thing you should ask yourself is: Do I need a clothing manufacturer? If you only want to sell clothes items on the web, you might be better off beginning with dropshipping and sourcing goods from a clothing supplier. That way, you do not have to worry about the manufacturing side of things as you can select pre-made clothing items from a catalog. You also don’t have to buy a whole lot of stock that might not sell. It can save you a lot of time, money, and unnecessary danger.

For instance, if you’re planning to sell sterile t-shirts, there’s not much point in attempting to reinvent the wheel when there are many providers already stocking every kind of blank t-shirt under sunlight.

But if you’ve got a unique idea for a brand new selection of clothes, or you’re a fashion designer attempting to launch your brand, then you will have to work directly with a producer.

Clothing Manufacturer Pros

  • You can produce unique clothing items
  • You can Set your own brand
  • You can generally sell Things at higher Costs
  • You have greater control over Advertising and marketing


             Clothing Manufacturer Cons

  • You have to make a substantial investment upfront
  • You need to buy bulk Items Which might not sell
  • You’ve got greater legal obligations
  • You expose yourself to greater danger


What to Look for in a Clothing Manufacturer

If you are getting started in your clothing business journey, there are a number of facts to consider before you opt for a clothing maker.

Can They Make Your Product?

This might look like an obvious question, but it’s a significant one. Not all clothes manufacturers are capable of producing all types of clothes. By way of instance, outdoors or exercise clothes often requires special materials, such as lycra or waterproof materials. You have to be sure that the manufacturer you choose can make the clothing products that you would like. Even better, you should try and use a manufacturer that specializes in creating the clothes that you desire. If you’re starting a clothing business that sells stylish swimwear, then you would be wise to work with a producer which has a lot of experience with swimwear.


Domestic or Overseas Clothing Manufacturer?

You want to decide whether you are going to work with local manufacturers in your country or area, or overseas manufacturers. It is quite rare to find economically-viable garments manufacturers in smaller states, but if being locally-made is significant to you, you might be able to make it function.

Domestic (US, Europe) Clothing Manufacturers

There are a lot of advantages to working with domestic clothes makers. Firstly, it is easier to meet with the manufacturers, inspect their factories, and go over your particular needs with no language barrier. Consumers are getting more conscious of these things and being “locally made” could be a powerful selling point. You’ll also have the benefit of faster transport times, which keeps clients contented. The quality also tends to be higher.

However, all of this comes at a financial cost. It generally costs more to use domestic manufacturers, although you’ll also have grounds to charge more for your clothing items.

Overseas Clothing Manufacturers

 The most important advantage of using overseas manufacturers is cost. They are almost always a lot cheaper, which is why so many clothes are made in China. Nonetheless, this is typically because labor standards and working conditions are unregulated, which is something you need to bear in mind.

It’s also more challenging for you to see and inspect factories. And while overseas manufacturers can produce quality clothing, this depends upon you picking a reputable manufacturer.

Shipping times are also a lot longer when the products are being shipped globally. But if you’re buying your clothes items in bulk and shipping yourself, this is not a major matter.

Another advantage is that you can often have a larger range of alternatives with overseas makers – fabrics, fashions, etc. – and they are more prone to bend over backward to do business with you.

 What is the Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

 When you’re working with custom clothing manufacturers, you have to understand what their minimum purchase quantity is. That usually means that the minimum number of items that you want to purchase in one order. The MOQ could vary from 200 to 2000 items, or maybe more. It is very rare for manufacturers not to have an MOQ. This is important for you to know because in the event that you get started working with a producer and go to put your initial purchase, and they inform you need to buy 1500 units of the swimsuit that you want to fabricate, you might be unable to manage it. Additionally, it’s not a fantastic idea to purchase 2000 clothing items if you are not sure you can sell all of them. That way, you are left with excess stock that is difficult to move.

In short, guarantee that the MOQ is manageable for you before you start working with a clothes manufacturer.

Can They Provide Product Samples?

 Try before you buy. The same is true to your manufacturer. If you’re obtaining a manufacturer to create clothing items for your business, you want to be certain you could get samples prior to committing to a large purchase. This is vital because if something’s not quite right, you are able to make adjustments until it is. Imagine getting an order of countless coats which you have designed, only to find that they don’t quite fit right or they’ve used the wrong sort of button.

Most manufacturers will probably be more than happy to provide samples, usually for a small fee, but it’s your choice to make them commit to it from the beginning.

 What Are Their Fees and Shipping Costs?

 From the excitement and rush of bringing your garments company to a lifetime, it can be easy to overlook fundamental due diligence. All it takes is just one or 2 lines in an email to ask the manufacturer if they have any additional fees you should know about, and exactly what their shipping costs and times are.

 What Is Their Production Capacity?

 This is something that you may not think about until business is flourishing. When you’re only getting started with your clothing line, you’re likely focused on getting your first order and earning sales. But what happens if the business goes better than expected, and your clothing sells out quickly? Would you rely on your maker to produce your clothing quickly and in a larger capacity moving forward? That is the reason you need to ask your supplier about their manufacturing capability. Be sure they have the capability to notch it up whenever needed. Also ask about turnaround time or lead time, meaning how much time it takes the manufacturer to satisfy your purchase. You don’t need to wait weeks or months for an order, missing out on potential customers and sales in the process.

 What Is Their Standard of Quality?

 Sadly, this isn’t something you can ask a producer in an email and choose their word on. Nevertheless, you can certainly do your own research by reading reviews of the manufacturer on the internet, visiting the factory (if possible), and ordering samples. Bear in mind that the quality of your garments determines your reputation, and that means you want to make confident that your manufacturer produces clothing to a high quality. You will be better off paying a slightly higher price for higher quality goods than risking your standing simply to save a couple of dollars.

 What Other Brands Have They Worked With?

 This is one of the most effective ways to test the reliability of a producer. Ask them what other brands they have produced clothes for. Then examine the sites for those brands. Are they successful? What is their customer feedback like? Contact the owners of those brands and inquire how they have discovered working with the manufacturer. Have they had any issues? Are they pleased with the grade? There’s nothing like real-world testimonials to supply you with the reassurance to move ahead with a manufacturer. Or they may sound warning bells which will help you to decide to go with a different manufacturer.

 Where to Find Reliable Clothing Manufacturers

 It’s relatively easy to find clothes manufacturers on the internet. The tricky part is knowing which ones are reliable and which aren’t.

Listed below are a few tried and true strategies to locate clothing manufacturers.

Industry Meetups and Trade Shows

Trade shows (also known as trade fairs) are exhibitions where manufacturers showcase their services and products. It’s a terrific way to meet manufacturers in person so that you can discuss your specific needs. The same goes for business meetups. You cannot beat talking with a producer face-to-face. It can help to build confidence and trust and establishes a more private business relationship.

 7 clothing Manufacturers, You Can Use for Your Online Business


  1. Affix Apparel


Affix apparel is an assorted custom clothing manufacturer for large- and small-scale clothing brands. Get your private label custom apparel requirements fulfilled by us at the lowest minimum and save yourself from the hassle of trying multiple suppliers. At affix apparel, we uphold made in U.S.A quality manufacturing standards and understand the value of good clothing design. Share your vision and ideas with our dedicated apparel consultants to bring your ideas to life. Start from as low as 50 customized pieces



  1. Good Clothing Company 


Good Clothing Company, based in the US, provides both small batch and large-scale manufacturing services for independent designers and established brands. The company prides itself on using environmentally sustainable production practices and paying its workers fairly for their skilled labor.


  1. Apparel Production Inc


Apparel Production Incorporated is a distinguished and highly experienced garment manufacturer in New York. Established in 1949, the company has always been committed to producing superior garments at the most reasonable prices with the help of its domestic and international manufacturing networks. The company has worked with high-end fashion labels.


  1. Indie Source


Indie Source is full-service clothing development and manufacturing consultancy, based in Los Angeles. It provides fashion designers and clothing businesses with a personalized, in-house product development team that includes a dedicated project manager and experienced sourcing specialists, patternmakers, and sample makers.


  1. Portland Garment Factory


Portland Garment Factory is a full-service creative design and fabrication studio, based in Portland, Oregon. They provide concept, design, and manufacturing services, specializing in more creative, designer clothing. The zero-waste studio is committed to upending the traditional factory model, through ethical labor practices and environmental sustainability.


  1. Billoomi Fashion


Billoomi Fashion is an India-based private label clothing manufacturer of ready-to-wear woven and knitted garments for men, women, and children. The company has clients around the world and is equipped to handle any volume and any type of clothing manufacturing, which suggests that production capacity won’t be an issue.



  1. Dewhirst


Dewhirst design, develop and manufacture a wide range of men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. The company was established in 1880, so it has more than a century of experience. Dewhirst has manufacturing capabilities in several countries, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Given the locations of some of its factories


  1. Zega Apparel


Zega Apparel is one of the leading high-quality Custom Apparel Manufacturing Company for the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada providing a low minimum ordering quantity of only 50 Pcs per design. In the last 7 years, we have provided Cut and Sew Clothing Manufacturing, Private Labeling, Printing, and Embroidery services to 8467 clothing brands worldwide including various T Shirt Manufacturers in the USA as well. Most of them started their first order with us and have grown into becoming great clothing manufacturers brands within their country.




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