Best Small Apparel Brand Entrepreneurs in the World

Best Small Apparel Clothing Brand Entrepreneurs in the World

Many dream of starting a clothing business with a small sum of resources, and money. After all, every business has to start somewhere and sometime. And if you are looking for a motivation or inspiration, there are plenty of entrepreneurs who have built themselves into established apparel brands in different parts of the world in the apparel industry.
Independent small fashion designers and brands have been emerging all over the world with a focus on thoughtful designs, sustainable materials, fair employment practices, innovation and creativity.
Today, we have listed some best small apparel brand entrepreneurs in the world.
Topping this list is the brand entrepreneur of “First Rite” Nikki Garcia, who designs and produces her clothing collection in the city of San Francisco which is known for its fast-paced and tech-driven startups. But, with quality design and careful production Nikki Garcia’s works with only natural fibers along with her brand ‘First Rite’ is helping to slow down the pace. The brand line of Nikki creates basics that men and women of almost any age can wear and layer throughout the year.
The second on the list is the brand owner of ‘Toino Abel’ Nuno Henriques. The hand-woven bags sold at the official website of the brand are part of a generations old family tradition. Founder Nuno Henriques’ great-grandfather created a business producing wine, olive oil, and reed baskets many years ago. Even now every bag is made completely by hand in Portugal. Over time the bags of Toino Abel have become an icon of Portuguese artisanal craft. Their bags are loved by a world-wide audience and have been featured in international magazines like Vogue UK, Frankie from Australia and Cut Magazine Germany.

The third on the list are the ‘Apolis’ brand owners Raan and Shea Parton who founded Apolis in 2004 with the idea that business can create social change. The word Apolis itself means Global citizen. Along with their pledge to global advocacy, they also understand the importance of manufacturing and sourcing locally. Whether it means partnering with manufacturing companies located in Uganda, Bangladesh, Peru, Nepal, Los Angeles and some other countries. For instance cut and sew manufacturing companies in the sub-continent like Zega Apparel, Stylus Apparel, Factory45 and Vapor Apparel.
Apolis operates through a model of ‘Advocacy Through Industry’ which is central on the idea that people in developing areas can live better lives when given access to the global marketplace to empower people to determine their own future. This socially conscious brand ‘Apolis’ offers an enormous amount of super-stylish clothing for men, lifestyle and accessories products. Apolis is also a certified B-Corporation that works closely with nonprofits and cooperatives in Peru, Uganda, Bangladesh, Nepal and many other countries.
The fourth on the list are MAXINE BÉDAT and SORAYA DARABI founder of the company ‘Zady’. Shopping from their brand helps ‘The Bootstrap Project’ which is a non-profitable project that aims to create a sustainable platform to retain and promote centuries-old customs and crafts. Their moto is ‘Clothes that fit. Clothes that feel great. Pieces that inspire’.
The fifth on the list is the brand owner of Hackwith Design House (HDH) Lisa Hackwith. Her vision and dedication is the reason HDH exists. Her Minneapolis-made women’s clothing line gives new meaning to the phrase ‘small batch’. HDH releases a new limited-edition design every week with less than 25 of each design produced. They have lines which include HDH Basics, HDH Plus, HDH Swim and HDH Bridal line, as well as multiple new limited-edition designs every Monday, with all this HDH still strive to make each and every piece special for every woman.
The six on the best apparel brand entrepreneur list is the founder of ‘Everlane’ Michael Preysman. In 2010, he left his job in venture capital to start his own business. Since he launched Everlane in 2010, it has become kind of a big deal. What started out as a referral-invite only company for fashion folks in the know has turned into an e-commerce mini-giant that now sells a full selection of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories. His brand’s strength is in its transparency. The California-based company proudly displays information about the factories where its pieces are produced and uses the ‘Know Your Factories’ phrase on the official website and on social media. This brand completely follows the ‘Radical Transparency’ for all.
The seventh on the list are Yvonne and Ren founders of the brand ‘Matter’ which is inspired by travel stories and relationships. Matter is a socially motivated business which makes tops, shorts, pants, and accessories. Matter products for instance Matter pants are artisan-printed on loomed fabric. Matter also works closely with its manufacturing team in South Asian countries, and possesses a clear philosophy about making a positive environmental and social impact.


The eighth on the list is Sarah Burroughs owner of the clothing brand ‘Anne B’. The mission of Sarah Burroughs’ clothing is to assure that the art of sewing and craftsmanship doesn’t disappear. So she took the matter into her own hands by creating and selling her first line of bags, called ‘The Made Collection’, which helped to fund a sewing school in Salt Lake City, Utah. These proceeds benefit not only the school, but also work with refugees on the production of the bags in hopes of one day offering them full-time employment.


The last but not the least on the list is Elizabeth Suzann founder of the brand Elizabeth Suzann. She is a self-taught designer lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee. She started her clothing brand in 2013, aiming to create the kind of wardrobe staples that are simple, utilitarian and beautiful. Her prime focus is on producing and consuming mindfully, her clothing brand focus on craftsmanship, reduce waste, and create truly flawless clothing for their customers.
All the above small apparel brand entrepreneurs along with many others works day and night to make their dream come true, & to build their own clothing brand successful.

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