Small Cut and Sew Apparel Production in USA

Small Cut and sew Apparel

With cut and sew manufacturing designers, potential customers or small Apparel Brands  can  completely customized garments  from raw fabrics and get it stitched from factories like Zega Apparel and Stylus Apparel .

The sewing and cutting process usually involves fastening of fabrics, leather, furs or other flexible materials with the help of needle and threads. The cut pieces of a garment are generally attached, or temporarily stitched at the initial level.

Small cut and sew Apparel production involves a variety of tasks including cutting, stitching and sewing of different materials.

20 years ago, most of the US domestic apparel industry moved overseas, there was a very small number of American garment companies left then. But, in the recent years, due to the ‘Made in USA’ campaign new and revived apparel companies are emerging in US, fueled by rising production costs overseas and a growing appetite for US goods. US large apparel companies and  designers have been counting the estimate costs associated with international manufacturing and are opt to manufacture garments in US. Stylus Apparel is running a Made in USA Campaign, but still lot of companies in USA are not providing minimum quantity as low as 30 units per design so there are some who are producing Garments for USA from Canada or other countries, one example of that is the company ZegaApparel , which is providing low minimum for many brands in USA and is Set to be a member of Ethical Apparel Association for Producing goods ethically just like goods that are produced in USA

At first, the growing rates and high wages of labor in US led the companies to overseas particularly the developing countries for cheap labor. But, after a while, “Made in America” campaign failed in many parts of US and didn’t affect the overseas market or production in 2016.  It was because the high cost of labor does not allow small brand companies to produce goods that are cost effective  and which leads to small cut and sew manufacturers like zegaapparel or euro apparel.

According to IBIS World’s Cut and Sew Manufacturers market research report published in June 2015, the new US industry trends and statistics permit the products and customers driving revenue growth and profitability. The industry report indicates towards the leading companies and provides analysis of the strategic industry which are the key factors influencing the market.

Facing high import competition and falling demand, US cut and sew producers have been forced into intense price competition, yielding low revenue. The “made in the USA” label and the quick abrupt change of domestic production is expected to modify the poor performance of the industry, but revenue is expected to drop in the coming five years.

Cut and Sew Manufacturers are located in highly populated regions, which are near textile mills and major shipping hubs.t They are mainly located in the West and Mid-Atlantic, with a better part of the remaining establishments in the Southeast. A company name zega apparel which is manufacturing cut and sew apparel is based out of Mississauga Ontario Canada, but produces goods from Pakistan.

Currently in USA, more than 300 Cut and Sew Apparel producing companies are working. According to a business employment report data, small Cut and Sew Apparel manufacturing companies usually employ 1 to 4 employees.

Small cut and sew companies in US are exhibiting their high-end products but still the imports continue to dominate the apparel industry in US. The small US companies can’t compete with the piece rates the overseas factories offer, but they are trying to provide quality service to the American citizens.


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