Private Label Apparel Manufacturing in Small Quantities

Private Label Apparel Manufacturing in Small Quantities

Previously many small brands were using Gildan or American Apparel and use to remove the label of blank apparel and then apply their own label , but now because of companies like Zega Apparel and Stylus Apparel , things have changed for Small Quantity orders.

Private labels in the apparel industry generally referred as the label with the name of the designer or store brands, or retailer brands with some apparel type or size and company details. Sometimes it is also referred to be a designed label that is owned by the retailer or the apparel designing company and is sold only in its own outlets.  Therefore brands such as H&M, IKEA, Woolworths Select, Gap and Coles Smart Buy are private labels.

In the apparel manufacturing industry, private label serves as a trade mark to the apparel company. Therefore, private label can be defined as the label of a product which is sold under the name of a retailer or wholesaler, and sometimes with the name of the apparel and label manufacturing or producing company.

Private label apparels are skillfully designed over many weeks or months by fashion designers, who put together patterns, line drawings, sketches, and other design materials. There are a number of necessary steps in the process of manufacturing private label apparel. Brands can add the labels to their apparel on the front, neck, or anywhere they like.

Official branding makes private label apparel more unique and credible. Brands mostly hired an apparel manufacturing company that provides the service of private label manufacturing. Private label apparel manufacturing creates apparels with a customized and completely unique look. When companies or brands do not have the resources to label their products, they generally hired an apparel manufacturing company which provides the service of private labeling, for instance, companies like Stylus apparel and Zega Apparel. Most companies including Zega apparel and Stylus provides four types of private labels: Woven labels, Satin Labels, Hangtags and Heat Pasted Labels.

Brands commonly asked for woven or printed with their brand name displayed prominently on the apparels. Other finishing services include fold tags, hang tags and bag services, and a number of other “small details” which all serve to differentiate a brand from other products or brands.

The most popular way to brand apparel is custom neck label which is directly screen printed on the inside of the apparel at the back of the neck. These tags are high in quality to the industry standard heat-transfer tags because of their improved wash fastness. At companies like Vapor Apparel, Zega Apparel and Stylus Apparel, they use low-bleed technology to keep the ink from bleeding through to the nape of the apparel. These companies have a minimum limit of producing 1000 labels, so brands can have these customized private labels kept with the manufacturing company for future orders depending upon their need.

The third type is Private Satin labels on the apparel which is also another way to market the ownership of a particular designed apparel that a designer or brand has made, if a designer has hired an apparel manufacturing company to do all the production from scratch for their apparel brand, then these labels can also be made by the same one and applied for their apparel brand for example companies like Zega Apparel, Stylus Apparel and Factory45 not only make them but also stitch them to the branded apparel garment for no extra cost of stitching.

Hangtags serves as an extra value that brands can give to their customers, this also works as a marketing tool for the brand when their apparel designs hangs in any apparel store among thousands of other clothes. Heat pasted labels are stickers’ label made and then pasted to the collar/neck or any other part of garment. It is also another way of showing the apparel brand name to the customer about the ownership of the designs.

In the apparel industry, woven apparel label are the most common type of label. Custom woven apparel labels are a great finishing choice for brands, especially for attire lines and customized cut pieces. A woven fabric label created for a specific piece of apparel or a brand helps show the quality and detail of the piece as well as the dedication of the manufacturers and designers.  Woven apparel labels simply give a professional value to any custom-made apparel. Designers can include extra information on your custom tag like the brand’s web page or logo. If a brand is creating a limited edition run of custom cut and sew pieces, it can even number the woven labels for each piece.

Apparel manufacturer’s normally custom fabric apparel labels using huge looms. Most apparel manufacturers use needle looms, broadlooms, and even the single and double shuttle looms to make the best possible apparel labels. The apparel labels are in a ribbon-like form when they come off of the looms. The apparel labels are then cut and sealed so that the threads do not fray. Woven label orders typically take minimum 2.5 weeks to complete.

Another important decision to make regarding the label’s cut is the choice of fabric for the woven labels. Satin is the one of the popular choices for woven labels. But, Satin is thin and can easily snag, making it more likely to be cut out than other labels. Though it looks very pretty originally, brands need to keep their customer in mind and how they use the item while choosing the label. Another label cut choice is Taffeta which is stiffer than satin and can hold up to a bit more snagging. However, with both taffeta and satin, the edges of the woven fabric label can be stiff which leads to the prickly feeling labels are famous for. The third choice is the Semi-Damask which is a midline choice when it comes to custom fabric apparel labels. It has many of the qualities of damask at a lower price. Damask is a tighter weave fabric that remains very soft, even with finished edges. Damask is a top choice when quality is a top priority for the brands. Damask provides the best finish with a smoothness that reflects comfort and style.

There are many different woven label styles with variety of different options for brands and companies, some are: Straight Cut Woven Label that do not have a fold. Straight woven labels are usually sewn on all four sides, the top, or on right and left side only. Then, there is Mitre Fold Woven Label, whose ends are folded under and up creating a tab to be sewn into a seam. The third style is Die-Cut Woven Label which can be completely in customizable shapes; but applied the same way as straight cut labels. Another style is the End-Fold Woven Label. These apparel labels are folded down on the right and left side. They are also applied the same way as straight cut labels, but have a softer edge. Center Fold Woven Label is folded in the middle and usually sewn into a seam. They can also be used for sleeve and hem labels. Manhattan Fold Woven Label is like a centerfold label, except the top of the label is folded down, creating a flap to tuck the bottom fold into the garment. And the last type is the Loop Fold Woven Label. They are similar to a center fold tag but the bottom edge is the folded side.

For example, there are many apparel manufacturing companies which provide private label services with variety of different options for brands and companies. Zega Apparel is one of the leading cut and sew manufacturer which provides various customization options to Apparel companies all around the world including the service of manufacturing private labels for brands or designers companies. Manufacturers like Zega Apparel and Stylus Apparel have a minimum limit of producing 1000 labels per order so that they can run small batches, in small quantities for different brands and companies.  Zega-Apparel has always focused on being different from other companies and hence produces all the above types and styles of labeling. With different customized apparel manufacturing options for brands, and customized apparel for Private Labels in both small and large quantities.

With a history of manufacturing various apparel lines for Famous Brands in USA, UK, Canada and Australia requiring Low Minimum Quantity, Zega Apparel is one of the leading cut and sew manufacturer which provides various customization options such as private labeling to Apparel companies all around the world.

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